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360 Care

We believe in whole health. So we’ve integrated 360 Care – dental care, medical care, urgent care, school-based health care, behavioral/mental health support, social support services, and pharmacy services – all in the same area or nearby. This means we provide care when you need it, where you need it, and how you need it, with a Care Team that partners with you to integrate body, mind, and heart.

Meet your Care Team

Our Care Teams are designed to partner with you to meet your unique healthcare needs. The purpose of your Care Team is to know and understand your health history, focus on your care, and strengthen your well-being. This means that your whole team is caring for you, answering your questions, and connecting you to resources.

How to contact your Care Team

Call 717-299-6371 to:

  • schedule or change an appointment at a location near you.
  • talk to an on-call provider for urgent concerns after-hours.
  • request a prescription medication refill.
  • request a medical or dental referral.

Prescription medication refill requests: Prescription medication refill requests can be made directly through your Patient Portal by sending a message to your Care Team or by calling 717-299-6371.

Patient Portal: The online Patient Portal is the one place you need to go to manage your health anytime, anywhere. Send messages or prescription medication refill requests to your Care Team and view your test results and billing online without having to schedule an appointment or wait on the phone.

Our services

Explore our patient care services:

Find care close to you

We provide a full range of healthcare services throughout Denver, Ephrata, Lancaster, Lebanon, and New Holland.

Our Locations

Find the Provider for you

Our Providers embrace each patient’s unique culture, needs, and values, and embolden them to make healthful choices that fuel their well-being.

Our Providers

Paying for appointments

Union Community Care charges fees for the healthcare services we provide, but there are many different payment plans and programs that keep our services affordable. We care for all patients with no insurance, some insurance, commercial insurance, Medical Assistance, or Medicare. No one will ever be turned away for care if they can’t pay.

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Sliding Fee Discount Program

The Sliding Fee Discount Program offers a discounted rate or fee for medical and preventive dental services at our centers. The Sliding Fee Discount Program is available to all patients with or without insurance based on their household income and size. We apply the discount to appointment costs, deductibles, coinsurance, and medication prescriptions through the 340B program.

Patients on our Sliding Fee Discount Program will pay a rate for medical exams, dental exams, x-rays, and cleanings. All other payments are due at your appointment time, or through a payment plan.

Patients will have to share their household income and size (including spouse and all dependents) for all household members. You can apply for the Sliding Fee Discount Program during registration and use it the same day, if approved. Patients will need to re-apply every year for the Sliding Fee Discount Program.

Pharmacy services

Our pharmacy team provides prescription medications, free medication consultation, guidance, and counseling, over-the-counter household medications, and prescription medication home-delivery. We focus on your unique health needs by talking to you about your current medications, what medications are right for you, and how and when to take each medication so that you feel confident about managing your health.

Pharmacy Services

Where to go when you need care

Primary care, urgent care, or hospital emergency room?

Where you go for care makes a difference in how much you pay, how long you wait, and the care and treatment you get.

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Find patient care support and how to reach us outside of patient care.

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