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How Union has walked with one mother through her health journey

Noelis Tavares shares her personal and powerful connection with Union Community Care.

Noelis Tavarez’s smile gets a little brighter when she looks at her new bundle of joy, her daughter Eliana. It’s a joy that stems from an appreciation of life’s special moments.

“My first pregnancy, I lost my daughter when I was 23 weeks pregnant,” Noelis shared.

During that deeply painful and heavy time, Noelis leaned on Union for support.

“I got connected to psychiatrists, support groups, and everything,” Noelis recalled.

A whole health care approach provided by Union didn’t come as a surprise to Noelis. Her connection with Union spans over a decade, dating back to a time when we were known as “SouthEast Lancaster Health Services.”

“I was just 10 years old when I first came with my mother,” Noelis reminisced. “I visited the office on Duke Street.”

Noelis said she has continued to trust Union as her health home because she truly feels at home when she walks into the office.

“You feel connected to everyone each time you come in for a visit,” Noelis expressed.

Noelis felt that warm and welcoming approach during her pregnancy with Eliana, which was most assuring during an anxious time for her.

“The team was always there to answer my questions right away,” Noelis said. “They gave me reassurance anytime I was worried.”

Now, as a new mother, Noelis highly recommends to anyone she can that they can also trust Union with their health journey.

“I am deeply thankful for everything Union has done for me,” Noelis mentioned.

At Union Community Care, we believe in whole health – body, mind, and heart. If you would like to learn more about our 360 care services and programs, we welcome you to contact us when you are ready.

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