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Celebrating Veggie RX Program Graduates

Shining the spotlight on community members who completed classes centered around nutrition education and promoting healthy habits.

We’re thrilled to congratulate and celebrate the committed community members who completed the recent sessions of the Veggie RX program.

The Veggie RX program is a transformative journey designed to empower community members with the knowledge and tools for healthy eating to manage diabetes. The 6-week program is often described as a prescription for produce.

The most recent participants started their journey through the Veggie RX program in May. Throughout the weeks, they engaged in classes that focused on diabetes basics and carbohydrate management, meal planning and portion control, food label reading, the importance of fruits and vegetables, heart-healthy eating strategies, and the vital roles of physical activity and mental health in diabetes care.

At the end of every class, participants were given vouchers for free fresh fruits and vegetables, allowing them to instantly apply what they learned and incorporate healthy choices into their daily lives.

Hear from a Graduate:

“I was very glad to be in this class because it’s a very good program. I learned a lot about healthy eating and nutrition.”

Sandra Hill, Veggie RX program participant

Sandra Hill, a community member from Lancaster who completed the Veggie RX program, shared her motivation for joining: “As a grandmother, I want to live a healthy lifestyle for myself, my daughters, and my grandchild.”

Sandra explained that she has struggled with fast food in the past. “I know now I can teach my family healthy habits,” she said, “and make better choices for all of us.”

Sandra told us that the most useful part of the program was learning how to read food labels. “Knowing about portion sizes and counting calories was really difficult for me,” she said. “I learned about healthy habits I can use to eat healthy and remain satisfied.”

Looking ahead

Our next Veggie RX classes will begin in September. Classes are offered in English and Spanish. If you are a Union Community Care patient and would like to enroll in our free Veggie RX Program, email Lou Gonzalez at luis.gonzalez@unioncomcare.org, or call (717) 847-6443.

Veggie RX Program

Learn more about our next Veggie RX classes, which start on September 18.

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