Family Medical Care

We believe in whole health


Family Medical Care services

    • Women’s health
      • Annual exams
      • Breast cancer screening/mammogram referral
      • Cervical cancer screening (pap smear)
      • Colorectal cancer screening
      • Free or low cost gynecologic care for women who qualify
      • Menopause education and guidance
      • PCOS care
      • Sexual health
      • Same-day care for gynecological issues or concerns like vaginal discharge, painful or irregular period / STI screening/rapid HIV test / Pregnancy test and confirmation of pregnancy (please call ahead)
    • Family planning
      • Birth control options, guidance, and safety
      • Planning for a healthy pregnancy
      • Fertility guidance
      • Prenatal care
    • Pregnancy care
      • Prenatal and postpartum care, including maternal-child couplet care with your provider after birth for at least the first months
      • Community partnerships for opioid use disorder before, during, and after pregnancy
    • Pediatric care
    • Young child care
    • Teen care
    • Primary family care for all ages & stages
      • Health screenings
      • Vaccines
      • Physicals
      • Well Child Checks
    • Chronic disease management
    • Nutrition services
    • Urgent care
    • Newcomer care
    • Plain community care
    • LGBTQ+ community care & gender-affirming hormone therapy
    • On-site pharmacy access
    • Immunization clinics (2023 immunization schedule)
    • Health counseling, education, and guidance
    • Telemedicine
    • Referrals for specialty medical care

    Where to go when you need care

    Knowing where to go for care can make a difference in how much you pay, how long you wait, and the care & treatment you get. Cost of care & treatment is based on the type of healthcare facility you go to – not just your injury or sickness. Your Primary Care Provider will usually be the cheapest option. Next is Urgent Care. The Emergency Room is the most expensive option for care & treatment.

    Primary Care Provider/Pediatrician ($)

    Your first call for care when you can make a daytime appointment.

    Best for wellness screenings, immunizations, chronic conditions, sickness, and other non-emergency concerns & issues. If you experience an urgent medical issue when the office is closed, call 717-299-6371 to talk to the on-call provider who can give you medical advice over the phone.

    Urgent Care ($$)

    Best for non-life-threatening concerns & issues when your primary care provider is unavailable.

    Mostly during evening and weekend hours.

    Union Community Care Urgent Care Centers:

    Emergency Room ($$$)

    Available 24/7 for medical emergencies like chest pain, trouble breathing, large wounds, or broken bones.