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Union Community Care adds 3 new school-based health centers

We have an exciting community announcement!

Union Community Care adds 3 new school-based health centers!

Welcome to our 3 newest school-based health centers

Union Community Care now offers you the opportunity to be seen at our Lancaster Carter & MacRae Elementary School-Based Health Center, Lancaster George Washington Elementary School Based-Health Center, and at our Lancaster JP McCaskey High School-Based Health Center. This means there is now a total of six school-based health centers in Lancaster adding to Lancaster Reynolds Middle School-Based Health Center, La Academia Charter School-Based health Center, and Lancaster Fulton Elementary School-Based Health Center.

Since 2016, Union Community Care has built the capacity to successfully partner with school administration, school boards, and families to ensure school-based health care is integrated fully into the schools and supported by administration and families. School-based health care services provided by Union Community Care include sick visits, well child checks, medication management, chronic disease management, physicals, diet & nutrition, well adult visits, social support, dental screenings, and behavioral/mental health support.

Union Community Care is uniquely positioned as a Community Health Center to continue school-based health care within the SDOL, bringing expanded healthcare services and a payment model that keeps services affordable to students, staff, their families, and the community. Union Community Care accepts all insurances, provides payment plans, and offers a Sliding Free Discount Program for medical & preventive dental services provided at our centers for those who have insurance, are under-insured, or are uninsured.

By opening more doors for care, we can provide even more affordable, available, and seamlessly coordinated health services to School District of Lancaster students, staff, and the community.

About School-Based Health Care

We offer school-based health care in Lancaster at La Academia Charter School and the School District of Lancaster, providing affordable, available, and seamlessly coordinated health services to students, staff, and the community.

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Union Community Care adds 3 new school-based health centers!

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